The Culprit


Confidently, you came. Determined, you came. Boldly you came, but with a sweet smile to mask your ultimate mission: complete and absolute take over.

Like the culprit you are, you stealthily rooted yourself in my mind, knowing those seedy innuendos of flirtation would sprout in wonder of you. You must have done this before, with your calculated tongue and self-assured walk, and that damned sweet smile. You must have known that such charm complimented by innocence can lead to underestimation, leaving your prey shocked and defenseless at the time of attack. Yes, I underestimated you. A grave mistake, indeed.

Was it you? Was it the chase? It it was the ambiguity. You were a stranger, a species unknown to me: irresistibly characterized by intelligence, confidence, and mystery. One that tantalized my curiosity, enthralled my longing for further knowledge of the darkest, deepest pathways that carve the labyrinth of your existence.

For ever etched in my mind is the day it all started, the one vital piece of temptation that I could not resist: a folded piece of college ruled notebook paper, casually pressed into my hand.

Seems harmless enough, doesn’t it? A folded piece of college ruled notebook paper? Indeed it does. But when adorned with a series of straight and curved pencil marks forming those diabolical digits of your phone number, a folded piece of college ruled notebook paper can potentially be as fatal as the gun currently pointed at my pulsing temple.

Dialing that number was the beginning . . .

The beginning of the end.

* * *

To be continued…


(This was just a bit of prose at first, but I think it could make a cool fictional series. Never tried this before, so we shall see. Thanks for reading!)