Flowin Free


Love is like water, free flowing and formless until molded by its possessor.

Like water, love takes shape in whatever vessel it fills. In whatever mind it fills. In whatever heart it feels.

While calm and peaceful, when provoked, when abused, when tainted, love can show its transgressor the extents of its wrath.

But like water, gradually forming riverbeds and canyons wide, love has the staying power

To engulf worlds.

To carve destinies.

To submerge hearts under its roaring power of passion and captivating intrigue.



Insidious Benevolence

Dear Insidious Benevolence,

Thank you for today’s reminder of yesterday’s tragedy. You have reinvigorated my crazed obsession with toiling towards certain greatness of tomorrow. My fight has laid dormant for a spell, soothed by the cooing guile of complacency. But out of your greedy thirst to taste my pain, you have aroused my sleeping will and reminded me of my mission– to repurpose old disaster for distant destiny.

And now, the hibernation of the beast has come to an end. 

Out of malice, you motivate.

How thoughtful of you, many thanks.


A Phoenix on the Rise