Self-Induced Truth Spewing

Sometimes life feels like a cyclical process of regurgitation
To rid myself of ingested poisons of materialism and toxins of conformity,
force fed to me by this diabolical stepmother of a society,
hellbent on watering us down into tasteless, digestible, synonymous version of ourselves.

Well I would throw up everyday if need be to keep my being lined with originality.
We must continually spew back out truth in the dark so the falsifying masses can feed on our light,
that they too might glow from within, illuminated by the sustenance of bold imagination and sincere creativity.

Inducing a new form of regurgitation,
A positive cycle of message propagation,
A revolution with a recipe…
For self actualization.




You are the moon and i am the sea.

Our twilight rendezvous i long for anxiously.


Around the world my waves crash and crawl in anxious delight.

As I drift and wait for you to draw back the curtains of night.


I feel myself swoon in magnetic rhythm as you draw me near.

I wax, you wane, our secret discourse tells me you’re almost here.


Rising above the horizon to take your throne on high

A queenly glow exudes from you, lighting up my lonesome sky


You softly greet me with your subtle touch, a sweet kiss of light.

Your radiance adorns me, dancing about my surface so bright.


Excited by your presence, I toss and turn in your allure

This upheaval in my heart will storm the world round, I’m sure.


Reckless abandonment, time knows no bounds when your are here…

Until the dawn comes creeping back, a reminder your departure is near.


Slowly falling from the skies, you fade back to your resting place

Again I’m left with only starlit mentals of your enlightened face.


But for eternity, you shall remain my moon and I, your sea.

I’d deny the light of day forever to wait for you faithfully.