Tree Rings

Sometimes I’d wish I could make my rough edges smooth, like a wooodsmith widdles away at a gnarled piece of lumber

But you, through all my layers of bark protecting vulnerability, through compacted rings of bitterness and indignity, you chiseled away.

You got to the core of me, peering into my hollowed imperfections.

And returned from my heart with a message for my soul:

My intricately patterned flaws carve me into rare beauty, Seal me into timelessness.

For a beautiful soul that has been revealed to itself lives on through spreading love to the world, through sharing the gift its been given to other unknowingly beautiful souls– oxygen dispersed and consumed in a circle of reciprocation and everlasting life.

So like the millenia-defying Bristlecone Pine of Methuselah,

beautiful and twisted, knowing and eternal,

I am living.

I am breathing.

I am enduring.

And I am infinite.



“Bats of Austin, TX” — Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…

This is absolutely beautiful. Check out Ray Ferrer on So talented!

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

This year I was contacted by X-Acto for an exclusive partnership with them for the big SXSW festival held every year in Austin, Texas.

They asked me to create several pieces for them to bring down with me that represent some elements of Austin.  This is one of the pieces.  I am also going to be giving away limited edition, signed paintings and posters on the spot so if in Austin hit me up.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates and random giveaways:  My Official Twitter: —> RAY’S TWITTER

“Bats of Austin, TX”

Spray Paint on 20″ x 16″ Canvas by Me.

Ferrer - Bats of Austin

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No Training Wheels

(Extended from “Vows”)

I vowed to give you every thing you ever wanted.
Then all you ever wanted was to leave..

But Real love keeps its word, so I had to set you free…

With no training wheels or hands held,
No supervision,
No dinner bell ringing,
telling you to come home and wash off the day’s dirt and mischief.

No, you’re just cruising now,
Distant and roaming and free, farther into the unknown of your own horizon.

And All I can bring myself to do is
Grin and reminisce on the days when you were mine,
Ages ago when we first placed one planted foot after another onto love crushed petals, ready to take our first enchanted ride
under the Spanish mossed oak trees of Thunderbolt lane.


Light Treader

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but they are all trying to get caught, stuffed, and hung on the mantlepiece of security.
Hesitate too long to take the plunge and they will seek new bait, the next fisherman eager to devour but slow to replenish.

I, on the other hand, prefer to tread lightly, letting the currents drift my vessel where they may, instead of snatching the first minnow that bites my line.

This method frees my time and space for a fish of equal or greater value, but sometimes leaves me hungry.

But id rather be starving for superiority, then satisfied with mediocrity.

Yes There are plenty of fish waiting down in the sea,
some red, some blue, some yellow, some green.

But above the surface, though scarce, are other vessels patiently drifting,
now those are the beings I truly hope to meet.


Keyboard Blues

Left my piano in the valley
Felt i had nothing left to give
Lost my piano in the valley
It harbored a different tune within
Free to be loved by someone else
What was once mine is now another’s
Though I long to stroke it’s keys
Those black and whites marvels are asunder
Split from the only lover it had ever known…I think it’s time to learn a new song.