Just Reflecting

I am not an option, I am an ultimatum.
I am not a pit stop, I am the destination…

* * *



Deliberate misguidance.
As I am lost,
I am found.
As I wander,
I am discovered.
As I slip away,
I return to that which has been tucked beneath years of constructed individuation in hopes of acceptance and love.
As I roam the shadows, the buried parts of me,
I come closer to the light,
placing distance between my heart and fear.
And as I am further displaced from everything I’ve ever known,
I feel closer to home than I ever have.

Daily, I come closer to soulful exhumation.

Visions of Perception

I called it honeysuckle. You called it sweet.
I called it foreplay. You called it speech.
I called it distant. You called it cold.
I called it pain. You called it old.
I called it dancing. You called it stares.
I called it drama. You called it air.
I called it existing. You called it rare.
I called it fear. You called it care.
I called it mysterious. You called it baiting.
I called it wanting. You called it waiting. I called it chance. You called it fate.
Only the clock’s tick will tell.
Till then let’s enjoy the wait.