Hypothetically, Of Course

Titillated and tantalized by your innate ability to hypnotize.
Love Jonesing and heart-beaten pandemonium does far from describe

The chaotic delight I feel when trapped in your eyes.
With you I feel I can lay down my guise,
dropping my mask and letting my fears subside.

June bugs, butterflies, a multitude of insects they do fly,
when your caress contacts the context of my spine or inner thighs.

I like you not just for the physical aspect like your cute nose and pearly smile.
But for your intrinsically stunning elements of which span so wide.

Inspired by euphoria, a new scheme I’ll artfully comprise.
Because on this cupid-struck, harp-spun connection I must capitalize.

My ultimate goal I know I’ll reach in time,
A way to keep you forever blissfully enamored, by my side.




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Nayazha Coleman

My artist, creating striking scenes.

Hands, eyes, and lips are your tools;

Passion is your medium.

Thoughts scatter my brain

Like splatter paint.

Gray like the shade of doubt.

You’re on the tip of my tongue

But I can’t quite get you out.

From a faint hum to a tribal drum,

Our heartbeats sync as our souls align

Like the stars that style Orion.

I can feel your whisper against the nape of my neck,

“Doubt thou the stars are fire;

Doubt that the sun doth move;

Doubt truth to be a liar;

But never doubt I love.”*

Our ecstasy smolders

And continues to burn into bliss.

Incense smoke is seeping inside our nostrils.

Shivers shimmy down our spines, night rain

Dripping blue blood through my veins.

The norm is feeling numb, novacane.

Let our bodies paint our story.

* William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Image: Orin Zebest https://flic.kr/p/7G5733

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Encroached Divinity

Oh, mama if you could see me now.

Blistered hands and soiled feet.

I keep backsliding down this one-way street,

But with eyes shielded and appearance neat.

I fear the unknown so I make the unknown familiar to me.

That’s why I let the smoldering ashes graze my cheek

And fly to close to burning suns.

Icarus drew to close to the light of the world and fell back to the ocean’s reproach

But to feel a singe of the supreme—to be scorched by the pure, to be acknowledged by the fundament— for mere seconds must have been worth the fall.

The feeling felt foreign,

But there was something in the glowing beacon of brown irises that called to me.

Like the winged god to his flame,

I had no choice, the urge had already made its claim.

And for an elated glimpse in a lifetime, whose remnants will last for such, I was that man flying high,

closer to the heat, closer to the ideal that countless lovers die dreaming of and hoping for.

So breathtaking that the tragic brevity was worth it all.

And now I take up a reinvigorated desperation to force the unknown to be familiar,

Out of terror that my luck will reach its posterior,

And reality will expose me as nothing more than a pawn daring with its last move …

before the inevitable fate of its predecessors.

Tired eyes and tempting thoughts of retreat,

I keep pumping the air back into my hearth to keep my spirit alive.

Oh mama, if you could see me now….

Daddy, if you could just see me.

I am flying high, searching for that fire again– Once found in another–but this time, in hopes of finding the light inside of me.