Colliding, Madly

It was just a kiss.

that’s all it was meant to be.

A beautiful collision shared between two friends.

A rare union that would fade once liquid courage had sworn off it’s magical tendency to spark the intimate.

But taking romantic connectiivity lightly was something I had never been Attuned to.

We did feel connected, right? Was it just me? Did you feel it too?

It was perhaps a brief glimpse at what could’ve been, had time and circumstance afforded us different fates.

To you it must’ve been casual. A good time had amidst the haze of celebratory libations.  But to me it sparked nostalgic residuals, swelling up every glinting light of love I’ve tried to keep dim.

 And while our souls touched through parted lips, I knew in my deepest of logic that this sudden passion would regress as quickly as it had come, for you will always have eyes for another. Even if you and physics assert your freedom. 

But that hope laden piece of me still entertained what I knew was fantasy as a possible kinetic reaction, enthralling the universe to plant a seed of love in your heart. 

It might have been that moment of inertia on the dance floor as our eyes locked, yours speaking something that resembled love, mine mirrored in longing and encouragement. 

Might it all have been flirtatious affectation, in a fog of liquor and lust? 

It would seem so. Bc when morning came. The only buzz I felt between us was a conjoined headache of blistering proportions, and the familiar vibrations of platonics.

 And I truly knew then, 

that it was just kiss.

 And that’s all it would ever be. 

A beautiful collision shared between friends,

 rare and pure, 

like fleeting moments of clarity in the minds of those madly in love. 

(Photo: REUTERS/NASA/ESA/Hubble/Handout)


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