Thanks for dropping by my blog site!

Feel free to spread the word about any pieces you may be fond through “reblogging” on WordPress, or through various social media sites– but please do so only through the usage of a short clip of the work, and only where credit is given back to me, through linking my page and obviously mentioning its owner.

I respect the work of others, and greatly appreciate the same respect in return!

Many Thanks!



The material posted to this website is the sole intellectual property of the site’s owner, Marlee Archer.

Please do not infringe upon the owner’s legal rights by plagiarizing or tampering with these published works in any way, as well as reproducing or recreating, unless otherwise stated in direct response to a personal request.

Reposting portions of published materials in its original form is permitted, only where full credit is given to the author through visibly, conspicuous mention and linking back to this blog site, “Marlee Archer: Tangible Contrarities.”



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